Foothealth offer a number of educational workshops, webinars and events, with Kieran Carew director of Foothealth UK, also working in collaboration with Nick Knight and Trevor Prior in promotion of the educational NK Active Lunch club.

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Overview of Biomechanics and Posture

A brief overview of biomechanics and the impact on patients posture, this webinar will look at how mechanics can affect the patient at the foot, knee, back and hips.  It will cover a standing posture analysis as well as cover some common biomechanical imbalances that can lead to various pathologies.

Orthotic Prescription Writing, accommodations and pathologies

Looking through a range of pathologies, orthotic designs and accommodations including prescription writing to look at options available to try and achieve the best outcome of a custom device.

The Gait Cycle and the impact on the patient

A brief overview of the various stages of gait , heel contact, mid stance and propulsive phase.  This webinar will look at the impacts stages of gait can have on the patient from early heel contact, over pronation and circumduction as well as other aspect.

Callus Patterns and the hidden biomechanical impacts

Looking at various callus patterns and how this can have more in depth impact on the patient throughout the body.  This webinar was hosted to 700 participants around the world and continues to be a popular choice.

Shin Pain, Calf Pain and Knee Pain

This webinar will cover the topics of shin pain, calf pain and knee pain, looking at this range of conditions and the various treatments and solutions available.

Kieran Carew
Director of Foothealth UK


Our practical biomechanics workshops are held regularly in our Lab in Oxfordshire.

Covering – overview of gait, basic biomechanics, assessments, prescription writing, clinical checks, scanning and casting methods and orthotic choices and technologies.

This workshops runs from 10.30am to approx. 3.30pm.  includes lunch and refreshments as well as a tour of the Lab to see the design and manufacturing processes.

Price  – special offer – complimentary places available.

NK Active Lunch Club with Trevor Prior and Nick Knight

Foothealth UK work alongside Trevor Prior and Nick Knight who provide educational topics on the NK Active Lunch Club.

The NK active lunch club is one hours live CPD around a musculoskeletal topic offering a presentation and then a live examination and treatment planning ready to take into clinic that afternoon and you get access to the community of fellow lunch clubbers and the ability to watch back all of the episodes in case you can’t make it live and ask questions just as like as you are attending the event live

Details of the lunch club is below

£30 a month or £300 a year with the ability to cancel at any time

Vimazi Running

The science of running – How can running shoes optimise cushioning and maximise transition for stable propulsion?

In conjunction with Trevor Prior Consultant Podiatric Surgeon