In Clinic Printing

Proud to have launched our innovative in-clinic printing system.  This incredible new technology will revolutionise the orthotic industry by enabling practitioners to provide faster, more cost effective affordable and environmentally improved options for their patients.

Prescription Orthotics can be dispensed to patients swiftly within 1-1.5 hours using this design and print system.

This amazing in clinic printing system enables practitioners to reduce the cost of prescription devices to less than 1/3rd of an average traditional Lab charge.

Our in clinic printing system can also dispense prefabricated devices and other accommodative products when required.

Benefits of in clinic printing

  • Recyclable materials
  • Improve turnaround 
  • Dramatically reduce costs of prescription devices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Contact us today for more information.  Be part of this exciting orthotic revolution and join the other practitioners leading the way forward.